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  • The trade relations between India and Poland are centuries old but an official ones took off since India regained independence. In the years which follow 1948 our commercial relations flourish only noting arrest when both countries left commanded economy pattern and sail into global markets opening their ones as well.
    It is worth to note that Indian economist who shaped fist developing plans in fifties of XX century, Shri Mahalanobis, cooperated closely with his Polish friends of anglo saxon economic school with deep socialistic way of thinking prevailing that time in Oxford and Cambridge, Mr Kalecki and Mr Oskar Lange, therefore economic planning in both countries in the second half of XX century were almost identical.

    The main tasks of the Trade and Investment Promotion Section in New Delhi are as follows:


    • To promote  Poland and  Polish economy in the Republic of India, Kindom of Bhutan, Kingdom of Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Maldives
    • To give assistance and advice to Polish exporters seeking new outlet possibilities in South Asia
    • To encourage Indian companies in strategic sectors to invest in Poland
    • To supply the necessary information to Polish companies which consider starting production, unfolding commercial activities, locating investments or providing services in India
    • To assist Polish and Indian companies in establishing mutual contacts.
    • To search the available data bases for suitable distributors, importers and exporters
    • To provide information on exhibitions and trade fairs
    • To participate in the important trade fairs in India and South Asia and to maintain own information stand at such fairs
    • To provide consultancy and assistance to trade missions of Polish exporters visiting trade fairs
    • To assist Polish  special trade missions to India and other South Asian countries
    • To organize seminars with a view to  promoting branches, regions and investment possibilities in Poland
    • To co-operate with various Indian Chambers of Commerce in  the organizations of seminars and trade missions.
    • Our services are free of charge.

    Trade and Investment Promotion Section
    50 M (Gate 4) Shantipath, Chanakyapuri
    110021 New Delhi

    tel: +91 (11) 414 96 959
    fax: +91 (11) 268 89 215




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