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  • 30 March 2014

    To commemorate the 60th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations with India, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Archives publishes materials regarding to the history of the process of establishing relations as well as the activities of the first three Polish ambassadors: Jerzy Grudziński (served from 1954 to 57), Juliusz Katz-Suchy (1957–62) and Przemysław Ogrodziński (1962–67).

    • The materials presented in the Gallery include communiqués on the exchange of ambassadors with India and on the appointment of Jerzy Grudzinski as the first Polish ambassador. We have also included a cable from Jerzy Grudziński confirming the commencement of his term of office, as well as text of his speech delivered while presenting the credential letters.


      The Gallery also contains a portrait photograph of Jerzy Grudziński and photographs taken in 1962 during the ceremony of presenting the credential letters (to the president Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan) by the third of Polish ambassadors, Przemysław Ogrodziński.


      After the ceremony of presenting the credential letters, from left: Przemysław Ogrodziński, the president Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, Halina Ogrodzińska, 24 IX 1962 (AMSZ).





      You can also find the following pdf files:



      Establishing relations

      Before WW2 there were a Polish consulate in Bombay (established in 1933) and honorary consulate in Calcutta (1935). The consulate in Bombay came to play an increasingly important role during WW2 (from 1939-45 as a Consulate General). Its main mission was to provide help for Polish refugees, mainly children who ended up in India due to wartime turmoil.


      In the postwar period, after India had gained independence, the Ministry of Shipping proposed to establish relations with India. In 1952, the Ministry underlined “the development of Polish shipping interests” in India and emphasized the need to establish diplomatic outposts or consulates there.


      The Ministry of Foreign Trade was of a similar opinion. In 1953, it planned to “delegate a representative to Hindustan [...] in the capacity of the Head of Economic Mission”.


      Relations were finally established on 30 March 1954 . The newly appointed ambassador, Jerzy Grudziński, arrived in India at the end of June 1954, where he opened an office at the Imperial Hotel. Credential letters were presented on 7 July 1954.


      India, for its part, extended the accreditation of its ambassador in Moscow, and the embassy was initially located in Warsaw’s Bristol Hotel.


      The development of bilateral relations in the 1950s (including a visit to Poland paid by Prime Minister Nehru in 1955) led to the expansion of the network of Polish outposts and establishment of consulates in Calcutta and Bombay, in 1960.


      Thematic bibliography on Polish-Indian relations (books available in the MFA European Library, ul. Krucza 38/42).


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