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    Poland at a Glance

    Official Name of the Country::

    Republic of Poland


    Warszawa ( ang.Warsaw)

    Official Language::


    Political System::

    Parliamentary Democracy


    Zloty (PLN)


    Situation and Area

    POLAND ( POLSKA) lies in the very heart of the European continent.

    From the North it borders upon Russia (216 km), from the East - upon Lithuania (99 km), Belarus (420 km) and Ukraine (509 km), from the South - upon Slovakia (540 km) and the Czech Republic (720) and from the West - upon Germany (467 km). The length of the sea frontier running along the Baltic Sea amounts to 528 km.

    Poland belongs to medium size countries. Its area totaling 312.685 km sq. puts it on the 9th place in Europe and the 66th in the world.

    Geographical configuration and climate

    Poland is basically a lowland country with the average elevation of land amounting to some 170 meters above sea level. This by no way means that the landscape is monotonous. There are regions in Poland where one can find picturesque hills. Rysy, the highest peak of the mountains in the South of Poland rises 2,499 metros above sea level.

    Poland has a temperate climate. Spring usually begins in April. Autumn falls in October and November. Winters are sometimes frosty. In the North-Eastern region temperatures drop below 20 degrees C. The average annual rainfall is about 600 mm.



    In European terms, Poland is a country of average population density - 123 persons per square kilometre.

    The country has 38, 600, 000 inhabitants placing it on the 7th position in Europe and 25th in the world.

    Most people (62%) live in towns. The biggest of them are: Warsaw (1,656,000 inhabitants), Lodz (842,000), Cracow (751,000), Wroclaw (644,000), Poznan, Gdansk, Szczecin, Bydgoszcz, Katowice and Lublin.


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