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  • On April 25, 2015, earthquake with a 7.8 magnitude struck just northwest of Kathmandu followed by a second one on 12 May 2015 measuring 7.3 magnitude. The earthquakes and the series of aftershocks killed nearly 9,000 people and affected the lives of 8 million people, including 3.2 million children.


    The earthquakes had a devastating impact on the school sector in the affected areas. It was estimated that 1.1 million school children aged from 3 to 18 years were unable to return to their schools after earthquakes destroyed 35,986 schools in the areas worst hit. Hundreds of thousands of people lost their homes and possessions, and almost 10,000 perished.


    Several NGOs from Poland are active in Nepal, supporting reconstruction of the country's infrastructure.


    • Polish Humanitarian Action (PAH) is a non-governmental organization founded in 1992 in Poland. It is active at local and national level, but also provides humanitarian assistance worldwide.
      Its mission is to make the world a better place through alleviation of human suffering and promotion of humanitarian values. PAH fulfills its mission by empowering communities in crises to regain responsibility for their own future and become self-reliant.
      The most important strategic objective of PAH is to ensure provision of basic services as well as human rights and dignity in areas affected by conflict, natural disasters and poverty.
    • Little Poland in Nepal was established in the summer 2015 in order to help the victims of the catastrophic earthquake that occurred in April and May of that year.
      The aim of the “Little Poland in Nepal” Foundation is not only financing the rebuilding of schools but also providing help to the Nepalese in a variety of ways: financing the education of their children, treating the ill, supporting the poor, helping women find jobs, etc.
    • Let’s Help Children Foundation has been established by Agnieszka Dydycz in 1998; has a status of public charity organization. Its main activity is helping kids who live in difficult life conditions and help them to develop intellectually and morally. The Foundation operates mainly in Poland, however it supports from time to time valuable international charity actions. Recently, they supported two actions in Kenya (2014) and Tanzania (2015).

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