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  • 11 September 2018

    Electromobility and challenges for climate policy were major topics of Michał Kurtyka’s, the Secretary of State in Ministry of Environment, last week’s visit to India.

    Last Thursday Deputy Minister Kurtyka during a visit to New Delhi, met with Harsh Vardham, Minister of the Environment of India. Minister Vardham spoke about the great challenge of climate policy. Both ministers agreed that electromobility can be the answer for many today’s problems.  – Electric vehicles will not only reduce the amount of harmful substances in the air. They will also have an impact on a significant reduction of noise in cities, as well as on the of new jobs in the automotive industry - emphasized Michał Kurtyka. Minister Vardham also talked about the introduction of the "Green Good Deeds" educational program, which involved encouraging the society to take care of their environment, through seemingly small activities. In a country as populous as India, it has a chance to bring a very significant result.

    During the meeting with Meheshem Babu, the CEO of the second largest automotive concern in India, producing electric vehicles, Mahindra Electric Mobility, the topic of a very dynamically growing number of cars in this country was touched. In 2015, it was 50 cars per 1000 citizens, which gives a combined result of over 55 700 000 vehicles. Taking into account the population in India (over 1.3 billion) and growing purchasing power, the development of the electromobile industry has a chance to positively influence the deteriorating air quality in India.

    Deputy Minister Kurtyka, who in December will take the post of President of the upcoming Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP24), visited India during his trip to Bangkok, where the UN Climate Change Conference took place. Its aim was to maximally work on the text of the Paris Agreement, before the December summit in Katowice.


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